sâmbătă, 20 decembrie 2014

GamesRadar+'s Somewhat Serious Year End Awards

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Hi Gamers

Happy holidays to you! This has been a fantastic year and we look forward to an amazing 2015. Just so you know, we will be taking a newsletter break till January 10. Thank you for your support and see you next year!

– Sophia Tong, Editor in Chief - @sophiatong

The Platinum Chalice Awards 2014
All of the moments, trends, and characters that truly made 2014 awesome.
Top 7 most painful gaming moments that made us wince 
Get ready to squirm... a lot.
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The biggest spoilers of 2014 that you'll in no way see coming 
Prepare to be spoiled.
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Game characters who should never, ever play Santa Claus
Worst. Santas. Ever.
10 games that narrowly missed GOTY 2014
You should totally play these games.

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